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The Credit Process 

Free Credit Consultation & Enrollement 

After completing your consultation along with submitting payment credentials for your billing you will be given instructions via your welcome email and welcome text message on the necessary steps needed to move along with the process.


1. Complete your Agreement

Contracts! Every company has them! All parties involved need them. But don’t worry! Affluent Culture Inc. does not commit clients to a long-term agreement. Clients are enrolled on a month-to-month basis and reserve the right to cancel their membership at any time! Nevertheless, clients must sign with their digital signature in order to move forward to Step 2.

2. Smart Credit Monitoring 

In order to provide credit repair, we must first be able to TRACK & MONITOR the disputes on a regular basis. This is why Affluent Culture Inc. has partnered with Smart Credit to provide you with high-quality consumer data reports. Not only do we “Track” “Build” & “Master” your credit you have 24/7 monitoring.


3. Proof of Idenity

Upload photocopies of your proof of identification (one-by-one) in your secured client enrollment form. These documents may include but are not limited to. (i.e. Driver’s License, Passport, SSC, Tax Return, W2 and proof of address) CONGRATULATIONS… YOUR JOB IS DONE!

4. Lets DISPUTE!! -Day 4

At Affluent Culture Inc, nothing makes us happier than to get our clients to this point! This is where magic can finally begin! By this time, we have completed your “750 Action Plan Analysis” and we are now preparing your file to begin the disputing process and mailing out your letters. Keep in mind, EVERY SINGLE NEGATIVE ACCOUNT that we determine can be corrected is written individually to your specific profile. THERE ARE NO “COOKIE CUTTER” LETTERS HERE! Every client is different so we know that every letter must be different so that we can ensure we’re making the most out of every attempt in getting the greatest results.

5. The long dreaded waiting game.... Day 5- 30

When a dispute is filed against a creditor, According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you must allow that creditor a legal 30 calendar days to respond to the dispute. Now I know what you’re thinking… Believe us when we tell you that we understand! Remember, PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE are our two most powerful tools we have in order to maximize your success and during this process, you will have to learn to be as patient as you can be. The Reason Why the Creditors are allowed these 30days to provide a written response is: · The credit bureaus are working with both your creditors and collectors to investigate the accuracy of each account in dispute. · In the early stages of the dispute process, there is nothing we can legally do to speed this process up. Don’t be discouraged, there is still plenty of work to be done at Affluent Culture Inc! This is why we will be emailing, texting, and communicating with you on a weekly, and in certain cases on a daily basis! Should you have any questions or concerns, definitely feel free to ask your Solutions Manager for the support!

6. New Reports and Scores- Day 31-35

This is the time for us to re-evaluate and strategize! New reports and scores! At this point in the journey, you should be receiving correspondence in the mail from the credit bureaus regarding your first round of investigations. Please, as a courtesy, forward ANY & ALL CORRESPONDENCE to our office at *Please note, it is imperative that we disclose that while Affluent Culture is extremely proficient in Credit Enhancement and Restoration, there is no guarantee that everything will be removed with every dispute submitted. Please know that our goal is to get your credit reports cleared up with all 4 Major Credit bureaus in the shortest period of time.*

7. "Wash.... Rinse... Repeat"- Day 36-44

After we have reviewed your file as a whole, we will then follow up with all necessary credit reporting agencies, original creditors, and send debt validation letters to any remaining debt collectors. · We repeat this process, month after month until we get the desired results from the parties involved. The goal is to never take “no” for an answer and fight until you have one. · Last month, we gave them reason “A” as to why we believe they should remove the item; it didn’t work, so now we will give them reason “B”.

8. Establishing New Credit- Day 45- 60

Now is an excellent time to start rebuilding and re-establishing your credit history with the credit bureaus. Luckily for you Affluent Culture has some great recommendations. If you need advice as to which starter credit cards you should start applying for, simply contact your Solutions Manager to view our recommendation.

9. Fight until you WIN! Day 65+

Fighting is in our roots! Although you may notice the results slowing down here, that does not mean that is it and you must wave the white flag. Absolutely not! Each month, with each round, we get more and more aggressive until we are victorious. If you have questions about the process or what’s in store you can speak to your Solutions Manager for more details. Always Remember… Trust the process! Continue to Educate yourself! Stay flexible and be willing to take suggestions! And YOU WILL TRIUMPH AND BE SUCCESSFUL. Thank you for letting us be of service! Can't wait to see you at the finish line!

Credit Repair Packages

📈 Gold Package: Take Your Credit to New Heights 📈
Initial Payment: $549.99 - there after speak to rep  about Pay Per Deletion

Free Credit Analysis: Gain comprehensive insights into your credit report.
Free Credit Monitoring: Stay vigilant about your credit activity.
30-Minute Monthly Consultation: Personalized guidance for your credit journey.
Printing and Postage Service: Streamlined communication with creditors.
30-Day Review: Evaluate your progress and set fresh objectives.
Custom Metro 2 Letters: Crafted-to-Perfection correspondence for effective communication.
Credit Build Out Plan: A strategic blueprint to amplify your credit profile

Silver Package: Our Most Preferred Option ✨
Initial Payment: $349.99 Monthly Fee: $149.99

Free Credit Analysis: Comprehensive understanding of your credit report.
Printing and Postage Service: Let us handle the paperwork.
Custom Metro 2 Letters: Expertly crafted letters to communicate effectively.
30-Day Review: Monitor your improvements and plan your next steps.
Recommended Next Steps: Clear directions for your credit journey.

Dispute like a Pro- DIY Done!

Are you ready to take control of your credit and meet us in the 700+ club!

For only $59.99 a month you can be the credit pro without the hassle of paperwork! If you are willing to do a little light footwork this is the perfect program for you!


The Done- For- You- DIY! Each month your credit documents will be prepared and emailed to you ready to be mailed. Your only job is to mail! 
Screen Shot 2022-12-26 at 12.13.40 PM.png


Our team will create and prepare documents specifically for your credit profile. Which will include a picture of your disputed account for our of this world results!


No generic cooking cutter "This is not my account" or "I'm not aware of this". These are old and outdated. We use Metro 2 and factual disputing practices that really set these Credit Bureaus on FIRE! 
Screen Shot 2022-12-26 at 12.14.46 PM.png


We analyze your credit report for deletions every month and send you a monthly progress report, with new scores, updated account information and recommended next steps. Please note you must have an active credit monitoring service to receive this service.
*Set up fee 0f $24.99

You're one step closer to seeing your credit score! Clink link below to see your scores NOW!

Want to find out your credit it score? Pull it today for just $1.00! 

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