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Business Financial Freedom

Business 1:1 coachig


Business C0hort- $750.00

Are you a business owner seeking to master the intricacies of business structure? Look no further. Affluent Culture presents a unique cohort-style learning platform tailored to your needs. Join our immersive 3-month course conducted via Zoom, and empower yourself with the knowledge to refine your business structure.

Seize the opportunity to join our exclusive class, offered four times a year with limited slots. Be part of the next cohort that's coming soon!


Business Coaching 1:1


Are you a driven business entrepreneur with an insatiable curiosity for business insights, yet constrained by time? Affluent Culture understands your dilemma and is here to bridge the gap. Let us guide your learning journey as you continue to nurture your business.

Unlock the exclusive chance to work directly with one of our accomplished business coaches. With a focus on business scaling, they'll be your dedicated partner in growth. In just the span of the next 3 months, you can lay the foundation for sustained business expansion.

Ready to seize this opportunity? Elevate your business while you learn, with Affluent Culture by your side.


Book Coach Bri!

(Contact our offices for pricing)

Are you seeking to empower your group, non-profit, membership, or organization with essential financial knowledge? Look no further – Coach Bri is here to guide you. With expertise in budgeting, financial security, credit restoration, and beyond, Coach Bri offers tailored services to meet your group's unique needs.

Ignite a passion for financial freedom within your community. Book with Coach Bri and equip your members with invaluable skills that last a lifetime.

Book with Coach Bri

Personal Financial Freedom


Personal Credit Repair

Check. out Our Packages

Ready to take charge of your financial future? Seize the moment and begin the process of credit restoration today. Join forces with our dedicated team as we guide you in crafting a personalized roadmap towards achieving lasting financial freedom.

Persoanal 1:1 Coaching


Personal 1:1 Coaching


Ready to embark on a journey of purposeful business growth? Partner with our skilled business coaches in one-on-one sessions to kick-start the process. Are you longing to own your dream home? Perhaps you're envisioning a new chapter in a new place, or simply yearning for a life of financial freedom? No matter your aspiration, the time for mere dreams is over – it's time to transform them into reality.

Let us guide you on the path to making your dreams come true. The era of excuses is behind you; we're here to empower you to achieve victory.


Couple Financial Coaching- $2500.00

Imagine a program akin to our personalized 1:1 Coaching, but tailored for you and your partner. While you may not yet have a clear view of whether your paths align towards financial freedom, our partnered coaching can bridge that gap. Together, we'll craft a comprehensive plan that harmonizes both your aspirations, ensuring a roadmap that benefits you both.

Join hands for a shared journey towards financial empowerment. Let us guide you as a team, creating a future of mutual success.

Couple Coaching

Additional Services- Contact our office: 1-800-763-6518

  • Notary- Check out our mobile notary service and get your documents signed today!

  • Rental Space- We offer event rental space at out current location. Please reach out to our office to inquire.

The power of financial freedom starts with you!

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